Easiest DIY Boat Carpet Installation in the Industry

Fellow boaters it does not matter if you are buying a new boat or working with an existing boat that already has boat carpet. 

As you know by now boat carpeting gets weathered fast, molds, feels soggy and is completely antiquated.  So now that you are ready to replace it… don’t replace it with more of the same. 

Hands down the most advanced, maintenance free and easiest DIY boat carpet available is the new Synthetic Boat Carpeting made by DECKadence Marine. 

Installing DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet is as simple as it gets, and is a painless task. No glue, no snaps, nothing but the best engineering and easiest DIY carpet process in the industry. 

Not only will DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet improve the appearance of your boat ten-fold, it will also be a welcome relief for your tender feet because DECKadence is over .5 inches thick and made up of spring loaded compression proof coils designed for antifatigue, and to absorb the constant subtle impact that our bodies endure while riding. 

When researching new carpet or a new deck covering for the boat, take everything into consideration such as the weather rating, is the product flow through, will it stain, fray, fade or feel soggy when being used, is it antifatigue and does it require maintenance? Also unless you want more of headache maintaining the deck than you ever imagined before forget about EVA foam.  

So the first question should be is it a bonified synthetic marine rated blend designed for the marine industry? If not …then it’s not!

While an inexpensive route (such as boat carpets pretending to be DECKadence) might be attractive for the wallet, these “cheap” alternatives simply won’t stand up to the abuse that both you and the elements of nature dish out.

DECKadence Synthetic Carpet is being used by boating professionals the world over and for good reason, it is the best performance deck covering in the world!

5 - Simple Steps on how to Install DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting DIY

Step 1: Remove deck carpet pieces and adhesives from the boat. (See Instructions) 

Step 2: If possible keep the boat carpet in tact to use for your template. (See instructions) 

Step 3: Lay the boat carpet directly over your DECKadence Synthetic Carpet. (see instructions)

Step 4: Cut with a sharp razor knife around the perimeter after modifying it for DECKadence Synthetic Carpet. (see instructions) 

Step 5: Install your DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet, and happy boating! 

Bonus: Add a DIY LOGO it is easy!

And there you have it. The easiest DIY boat carpet project in the industry that will improve your boats performance and have your boat looking brand new once again!

Wait no, snaps no glue then what holds it in place during a tow you may ask? DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet was engineered to have just the right combination of porosity and weight to keep it in place even while towing at high (and I mean high) speeds!

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