Knock Offs

Can you tell the difference?

It never ceases to amaze me, they are “knocking off” every Brand Name you can think of watches, accessories, clothing, electronics just to name a few and chances are if it’s in demand China or another country is producing a fake.

Knock Offs DECKadence Marine Carpet

It’s always cheaper, no warranty, and inferior in quality but that doesn’t stop them from producing it… and us from buying it.

Look at some of popular Knock-Off watches the diamonds aren’t real, the components rust, they’re not weather resistant, but they sure do look like the real thing and if you impress your friends then $50 bucks is a good deal!

While compromising the integrity of the product in the interest of saving money may be acceptable for some things when it comes to marine flooring, it’s not going to cut it. Just imagine for a moment what would happen if you took a “knock- off” rolex dive watch on real dive, the results would be disastrous.

Like most “knock -offs” the fake DECKadence is only superficially similar. The knock-offs rarely carry an enforceable warranty, have hardly no UV stabilizers and because their PVC is mixed with a combination of limestone an inexpensive composites it breaks down radiates a fowl smell when exposed to saltwater and sunlight. Read more about why knock offs are not a good investment. 

If you suspect that a similar looking  product is being represented as DECKadence or just as good as DECKadence do the following:

1. Ask the salesperson for the Testing Data UV, Anti-microbial and Compression
2. Ask if they are an authorized  dealer for  DECKadence  Marine  Flooring
3. Inquire about the  warranty
4. Pull on the strands see if they turn white when stressed, this is an indication of substitute composites like limestone.
5.  Contact us to verify their affiliation
6. Smell the  product, the fake stuff radiates a funky smell like must or mold and  gets worse  when exposed to water.

Watch Fake DECKadence Results

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