What’s the Main Difference Between DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet and Regular Boat Carpet you ask?

Well it’s true DECKadence does appear to look like NEW plush high end boat carpeting but the similarities end there.

First and foremost, ask yourself this question…if you could have a boat carpet that never felt soggy, never faded, never stained, never required much maintenance, never retained water, never got moldy, a boat carpet that never smelled funky, never got matted, never frayed, never required deck snaps or adhesives and NEVER let you down well it’s like they say “never say never”! Because DECKadence synthetic boat carpet is that never that finally happened!

Unlike boat carpet DECKadence synthetic boat carpet supersedes and outperforms all other options in the world and for that matter all other deck coverings including EVA foam!

That’s because it’s a synthetic spooled soft PVC extrusion treated with UV stabilizers, anti-microbial composites and compression proof anti-fatigue springs that’s marine rated to withstand the harshest environments that was developed by someone who asked that proverbial question “what the heck is carpet even doing on a boat” and did something about it!

Considered to be the only “performance” boat deck covering made DECKadence synthetic boat carpet offers unparalleled comfort style and practicality for the boater that demands the best and knows what he wants.

DECKadence synthetic boat carpet is the number one choice for professional wake boarders the world over for a reason, and that’s straight up deck covering performance. Watch the video!

So how are we different from boat carpet you ask …well “never say never!”

DECKadence synthetic boat carpet is performance under foot that will NEVER let you down!

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