DECKadence synthetic boat carpeting is a unique combination of a PVC spooled extrusion process that was specifically developed for the marine industry. No other marine deck covering compares to the durability and practicality that DECKadence has developed. Synthetic boat carpeting simply is the best choice for marine carpet applications and outdoor flooring on the market to date. It’s superior to any other alternative in terms of durability, maintenance, practicality and beauty.

The truth is seasoned boaters know all too well that there are few viable choices out there for watercraft surfaces. For example, there’s EVA foam, hardened vinyl and perforated rubber. There’s marine carpeting that looks great for about a month, that is except when it’s WET. Then you deal with mildew, then you replace it, or live with it. Keep carpet where it belongs, in a house and not on a boat! DECKadence  Marine Carpet offers a solution to the unsuitable boat surface options dilemma, finally delivering a viable alternative for watercraft surfaces that delivers on all levels, so yes… it’s superior and the best choice! Check out the video!

DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting was specifically designed for the marine industry and to offer boat lovers a deck covering that’s durable, looks great and is easy to maintain. DECKadence Marine Flooring requires no adhesives and very little maintenance. You simply place it down, you hose it off, you leave it there, or you take it off, it’s that easy!

Most ask this question because they’re aware that carpet mildews. DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting is by no means a regular carpet. The fact is mildew can only get its food (and that’s how it grows) from natural materials such as protein, cellulosic, etc. In a carpet, the protein material would be wool, the cellulosic would be jute or cotton. DECKadence is not all natural, however, we do recommend occasionally lifting the ends of the DECKadence and fold them over after use, this allows air to circulate, and much like maintaining your deck, we recommend hosing off DECKadence after each use as well.

It’s easy! Place the DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting directly over the hatches and cover them up; that is unless you can’t fold the DECKadence back to access your hatches. Hatches make your deck look sub-divided and smaller. By virtue of the DECKadence covering the entire deck, it appears bigger and cleaner looking. When you want in, simply fold the DECKadence over and presto there’s your deck hatch! If your hatch is in a place that’s not practical to simply fold the mat back, then simply cut around the hatch and use deck snaps to hold the small pieces in place.
Contrary to the deck’s appearance, DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting is engineered to flush debris. It has large pores throughout the surface for this reason. Unlike carpet and alternatives, even fish hooks dislodge with ease!

Not at all, that’s why we offer a “DIY” ( Do It Yourself ) videos. If you’re handy (even a just a little) you too can master the installation process, following the instructions step by step. If, however, you prefer someone else to complete this task for you, ask your suppliers. Most DECKadence dealers have installers to accommodate your desires.

This largely depends on use and abuse, but an accelerated aging process in testing proves DECKadence as one of the highest rated marine deck coverings to date, and UV QUV testing exceeds 8 years. In most cases, the life of the boat! What are some of the advantages of DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting?
I would have to point out the following:
  • Prevents slipping (decreasing the risk of injury)
  • Anti-fatigue (the spring like surface reduces impact)
  • Protects the surfaces (no more sliding anchors or loose debris scratching your deck)
  • Looks and feels great (DECKadence completes your boat, even makes it look roomier, covers unsightly deck hatches, and feels great to the human touch)
  • Buffers the engine noise and heat
  • Anti-microbial and UV stabilizers insures the longevity of DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpeting
  • Always looks clean, because the surface flushes dirt to the bottom, and then out after hosing (hey… no more dirty foot prints)
  • In terms of value, DECKadence Synthetic Boat Carpet delivers unparalleled results, when factoring in the ease of installation, the savings on labor (no adhesives, no binding), the ease of maintenance and the ability to repair it, replace it or remove it. DECKadence far outweighs any alternative for flooring value.
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