Template Preparation Guide

Templating is easy if you know how.

Step 1 - Layout Template Material

Step 2 - Trace Perimeter

Step 3 – Place In And Enjoy!

For the template material we suggest using 6mm or 10mm plastic available at any hardware store.

Do rough cut outside the boat and use weights (wood blocks, sand bags, heavy books, etc.) to hold down the plastic as you work it down flat to the deck. Cut slits in plastic as you go to flatten the plastic.

Remove most of the excess material not on the floor leaving about 3-6” up the wall elevation.

Ensure the material is flat and wrinkle-free as possible. If you happen to cut material short in areas simply tape a small piece of the plastic back on on as needed with packing tape.

We recommend you only cut out your deck hatches if you cannot access it by pulling the DECKadence back.

Aim marker slightly above the curve when tracing
If hatches are to be cut, please trace hatch lines on plastic mark top.

Deck Snaps

DECKadence does not generally require snaps other than swim platforms and steps. If you do not currently have snaps where you think they should go, please indicate the location on your template.

Male peel and stick snaps which you can easily place by cleaning the area and once the DECKadence placed properly, simply remove the paper back and press firmly in place.

Male affixed to female

Remove peel back and press

Male is attached to deck with no holes