We are often asked about deck-snaps on swim platforms and what type we recommend. Because the self-adhesive snaps are not ideal for platforms we suggest using he standard self-tapping male snaps.

Now thanks to two time DECKadence owner Jim Mauritz there’s an alternative method. We will call this the JM Zip-Tie method. You’re basically securing the DECKadence to the platform through the platform slots with releasable zip-ties, it’s easy, effective and hey … no deck-snaps required!

You need an AWL a Razor Knife, Needle Nose Pliers and 14″ Releasable Zip Ties.
  1. Start by cutting your DECKadence to size and lay your DECKadence over the platform where you want it to stay.
  2. Next  identify the 2 points to enter and exit the zip-ties around the platform slots. These are the points where the zip-tie wraps around underneath the platform water vents.  Do this on the port and starboard sides as well as center and aft if possible.
One easy way to identify the zip-tie entry location is from the top (and while DECKadence is in place) pierce the DECKadence with pin markers (such as toothpicks) through the slots (and in the spot) that the zip-ties will be secured to the water vent slots.

3. Remove the DECKadence and mark (on the bottom) where the tooth pics entered through the DECKadence with a sharpie.

4. With your razor knife cut ¼” slots where you marked with the razor knife. From there work the zip-tie through the bottom and half way to the top. Use a AWL to tunnel horizontally just over the poly vinyl underside of mat and the needle nose pliers to pull it through.

There’s no need to release zip ties for cleaning, simply lift up the DECKadence spray off the platform and clean the bottom. For instance Jim will lift up the DECKadence and spray a cleaner (e.g. Kaboom)on the platform once a month”.