iboats Marine Flooring Review

I took our boat out of storage I realized my deck covering had to go. I thought about going with no deck covering at all but with the slipping and pounding I’d take I decided to research an alternative covering.

So while exploring deck-covering options for my boat, I was intrigued to discover we’ve made some serious advances over the years.

Carpeting remains the most affordable option, and there’s been advances in material, durability, look and feel.

There’s woven products out now too, like “sea grass,” often used with or in place of carpet and what I like about the weave is they do stand up to the elements and easily hose clean.

It caught on with them because it’s easy to clean and very comfortable on bare feet.

DECKadence is derived from the same PVC extrusion process as the synthetic teak, but the because they spool the PVC in a coiled process it allows air and water to flow right through it while keeping the surface cool and dry. They attach a poly-vinyl mesh backing that also allows water to flow while it grips to the deck which keeps it from moving around on the deck.

DECKadence doesn’t require any binding or edging and can go right over deck hatches and deck drains.

There are even videos and tips on how to install and even seam the product (if need be) on that site, DECKadence is sold either fully fabricated or in square feet the material is 6′ (six feet) wide but can easily be seamed to accommodate any width or configuration. Sell a lot cheaper than synthetic teak too at about $10 dollars a square DIY.

So if you’re in the market for a deck covering makeover I hope this helps, good luck and happy boating!

“SeaDek” and other manufacturers offer a great product that are EVA material. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be custom “engraved” by the manufacturer for their boat brand.

I really like the clean way it looks, and it does offer some anti fatigue properties.

Synthetic teak looks like real teak wood and I love the look! The darker versions of it are warm on the bare feet in the summer sun. Check out iboats web page!

-Tony Centore


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