Spray on Logos Steps

Step 1 – Identify the image you wish to apply as you logo. If you do not have one yet, you can easily acquire this from google images.
Step 2 – Send the image you desire to a local sign shop.
Step 3 – Inform the sign shop that you require a STENCIL of the image on vinyl with a peal and stick on one side.
Step 4 – Inform the sign shop of the approximate size you desire. For example a 3’ wide x 2’ high logo.

Sometimes the extrusion process for DECKadence Synthetic Boat carpet can leave a film over the PVC threads; therefore for the best vinyl paint / coating cohesion results first clean the general area where you’re applying color with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Apply the rubbing alcohol to a rag and rub the area where you intend to apply the logo, and then let it DRY. You can accelerate the drying process by applying air from your blow dryer to that area.

Do not use a “heat-gun” to dry the area. The vinyl paint dries faster and is more effective from the “air flow process” produced by most standard blow dryers and not necessary the heat. Watch the how to apply logo video!

STEP 1 : Clean intended area with rubbing alcohol (on a damp Rag) to remove any film then let it DRY.

STEP 2 : Apply stencil

STEP 3 : Apply Color
STEP 4 : Blow Dry
STEP 5 : Apply 2nd coat
STEP 6 : Remove Stencil

Tips: When fading colors always use the darker colors first then transition to lighter, hold the spray can directly ABOVE spraying straight down above the stencil and not at an angle.

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