Marine Mat

deckadence marine mat

Marine mat is a must to complete your boat. Engineered marine carpet and marine mat will help keep your boat in tiptop shape, allow you to stand longer and more comfortably, and make it looks great!

marine mat

Guests on your boat will be impressed by the unique marine mat you’ve selected if you go with DECKadence Marine Carpet. DECKadence is like none other deck covering you’ve ever seen.

Our marine mat is a combination of aerated rubber, PVC treated with UV inhibitors, resins, and a secret recipe that contributes to the longevity and durability of the marine carpet. Once you touch and see this product up close, you will see why it is special, and different from any other marine carpeting on the market.

We know that most seasoned boaters care deeply about their boats, but that most boaters also hate the current marine flooring that they’re using. Replace whatever you currently have with a custom marine carpeting from DECKadence and you’ll immediately be smiling again every time you step on your boat’s deck.

The good thing about this marine mat, is that it’s not really a carpet, because DECKadence Marine Flooring is not made from organic materials, it is resistant to mildew. Mildew loves natural and organic products, so always check first what your marine carpeting is made of before you decide to buy.

Whenever our customers tell us their favorite things about DECKadence products (and there are a lot of them!) we usually hear something like this:

  • Our marine mat prevents slipping! (decreasing the risk of injury)
  • Our new DECKadence marine carpet protects boat surfaces!
  • It looks and feels great!
  • This marine mat buffers the engine noise and heat!
  • My marine mat makes it more comfortable, by absorbing the shock from the constant impact of riding!
  • Custom looks great! I love how it is unique to my boat and adding my own LOGO!

This original boat flooring was invented by a seaman who wanted something better. Joel Bartlett knows everything about marine/boat flooring, and wanted to create a new product to solve the problems he and so many of his friends were having with their boats.

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Visit our shop for marine flooring, marine carpet, and marine mat. We guarantee you will love the outcome!

We’re not here to just sell you our marine flooring (I mean we are, but only because we want you to have the best.), but we’re here to help you transform your boat, and take you every step of the way to help you with installation. We’ve put together an extensive library of information and videos to help you calculate how to measure your marine carpet, and install your new mat.

Checkout one of our tutorial videos below! Seeing is believing!